Rubbish – What People Dump …..

Done and dusted for 2024 the annual Little Wilbraham Litter pick was a fantastic success.  Something like 30 volunteers ranging in age from a babe in arms to let’s say slightly older, arrived for tea, coffee and Juliet’s famous flapjacks.

This is our biggest group yet and may have had something to do with the sunshine.  It’s great to see so many residents taking care of their environs.

A big thank you for your time and energy, it really is appreciated.

So what turned up this year? Over 25 bags of rubbish dumped by some selfish fellow citizens.

  • our prime find – a human poo in a bucket – left for somebody else to clear up the mess, thanks, we really appreciate your generosity !
  • truck and car tires
  • a car battery
  • an iron manhole cover set in perfect condition
  • a smashed up kitchen thrown over a hedge
  • the usual energy drink cans and foil wrappers
  • paint cans – at least 8 in a batch – hope the living room looks nice
  • empty wine and spirit bottles
  • lots of plastic bits off vehicles

A big thanks to Andrew Carter for organising the day and the Wilbrahams Environment group and the Great Wilbraham Parish Council for lending us the bag hoops.  Lets not forget the South Cambridgeshire District Council for lending the pickers, gloves and rubbish bags and for also taking the rubbish away.

Thank you.

Remember the next Litter pick is Six Mile Bottom on Saturday the 23rd at 9:45am and then Great Wilbraham on Sunday the 24th at 10am.  If you love helping that’s two more opportunities to pick some litter.

Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council.