Mental Health


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Well-brahams Mental Health and Well-being Group

We are a small group of people with different experiences and qualifications in respect of mental welfare and ill-health, set up primarily to provide information and help for those in and around the Wilbrahams.

If you are feeling anxious or worried, please do contact one of us – for a chat if nothing else!

Please also see our website where there are links to helpful resources and information:


Joy Bray 01223 880415
Alison Hargreaves 07941 871536
Tony Goryn 07751 281341
Julia A’Court 07789 512428
Helen Clarke 07815 105092
Sally Ramus 01223 881050
Hilary Burton 07710 787917
Dave Chapman 07981 976905
Rowena Pilsworth 07981 976905
Karen Hinkins 01223 880177