Great Wilbraham Parish Council

What do we do?

The Parish Council is the first tier of local governments and the one closest to the community in which it operates. In England there are four tiers of local government, each serving a greater geographical area and larger population:

  • The Parish Council
  • The District Authority (e.g. South Cambs District Council
  • The County Council
  • Regional Government.


Our Duties Include:

  • Management of specific land within the Parish
  • Reviewing and commenting on planning applications within the Parish
  • Liaising with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure/policing/community issues to represent your views and get the best advantage for the local area
  • Engaging with all interested parties regarding current and future shape of life in the local area
  • Manage Parish cemetery and allotments


Who are we?

The Parish has Councillors elected by the residents every four years. Below is more information on your councillors

Stephen Bartlett Chairman Register of Interests
Sally Ramus Register of Interests
Roddy Tippen Register of Interests
Claire Jackman Register of Interests
Christopher Hanson Register of Interests
Fiona Phippen Co-opted at 19th March 2020 meeting
Vacancy GWPC Vacancy Notice June 2019

Councillor Roles & Responsibilities – GWPC Councillor Responsibilities 2019-2020

The full Parish Council meets on the third Thursday of July, September, November, January, March and May at 7:30pm in the Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall.  In addition, it holds an Annual Parish Meeting in April.

The 2020/2021 dates are:

16th July 2020, 17th September 2020, 19th November 2020, 21st January 2021, 18th March 2021, 22nd April (APM Annual Parish Meeting) and 20th May (Annual Parish Council Meeting)