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Delivered shopping options in the Wilbrahams


Great Wilbraham Shop and Post Office – 01223 880375

Fulbourn Fruit Shop – Deliveries organised  Great Wilbraham, Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom – Contact Verity Gow 07903 666492

Kale and Damon –

Cofco (Cambridge Organic Food Company) are slowly expanding their workforce whilst streamlining the way they pack the boxes so that they can take on more and more customers each week. They are a small business who use local organic produce and are currently working on a sustainable food hub for Cambridge. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a subscription to Cofco’s weekly fruit and veg box delivery service, please contact Emily Lane, the Community Angel for our area on:

Moonshine Beer

Many people will remember Mark and Moonshine Brewery (Fulbourn) from the Wilbrahams Food & Craft Fairs and other village events.  During lockdown, Mark is providing a limited delivery service on Fridays, for as long as his stocks of bottled beer last, and is now able to offer beer in various sizes of poly box as well.  Please have a look if you are interested Post Lockdown beer supply on offer 30 Oct minimum 12 bottles any combination of beer (no minimum on poly boxes), weekly delivery Fridays to Judy Whybrow in Toft Lane GW (you can then arrange to collect or have it delivered), payment by BACS only.  The Moonshine website has more info on the individual beers to tell you what they are like.

Pies & ready meals to your door in Lockdown!

For those of you who bought out the pie stall at the last Wilbrahams’ Food & Craft Fair, you now have the chance of ordering home-made pies and delicious ready meals, delivered to the Wilbrahams and also helping a local business stay afloat.

Adrienne from The Wild Flour Kitchen is able to deliver bulk orders for free (suggest you order in groups of 4-5 households?). The pies and meals are delivered frozen, so you can place them straight in the freezer and then cook from frozen.

15 families from the Wilbrahams Choir did a trial run this week (just to test the system). Absolutely delicious!

Use phone or email to order. The-WILD-FLOUR-Kitchen-readymeal

Something to enjoy for a special meal, when we can’t go out..!

Emma Adams


Radwinter Wild Game Company

Radwinter Game products 2020



If you are aware of any other local delivery services, please mail