Multi Use Games Court




Little Wilbraham MUGC – NOW OPEN

– Users of this facility do so at their own risk –

The Little Wilbraham Multi Use Games Court is provided for the enjoyment of the residents of the Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom and other users when available. The court is designed to accommodate the games of tennis and netball and has a basketball ring at one end.  Other games will be added if the demand is there.  Any suggestions are welcome.  If you are interested in forming any team games please let us know.

The court has no flood lights or drinking fountains so you will need to bring your own refreshments.

These facilities are managed by the Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom Parish Council and any questions relating to its use should be directed to:

We hope you enjoy your new games court.


The court is located on the Ken Davison Reserve in Little Wilbraham.  Access is via Orchard Close off the High street and there is a small car park located adjacent to the reserve.  Please do not park in Orchard Close – use the car park. Residents are urged to walk to the court where possible and to only use a car as a last resort.

This reserve also has a small play area with a swing, climbing frame, slide, roundabout, basket swing and a simple football pitch.

As this is a residential area we ask users to be aware of noise levels at all times and to make sure all rubbish is removed from the area when you leave.

Fair Use

The court is managed on a “fair use” policy where block bookings need to be approved by the Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom Parish Council.

  • Residents of Little Wilbraham, Great Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom can use this facility.
  • Other members of the public can also use the court if it has NOT been booked by a resident of these villages.
  • Use of the court is free.
  • Court activity sessions are in one hour blocks.

Court Care

In order to help us maintain this great facility we ask residents and users to adhere to the following.

  • Keep the court clean and make sure you do not bring dirt or mud onto the court.
  • Wear appropriate shoes on the court – no boots, avoid black soled shoes.
  • The correct height at the centre of the net is 3′ 0″ which is set by the tape. Do not set it higher than this as it can cause damage to the tension in the winder and potentially the posts.
  • Playing football on the court is not allowed as it can damage the net or the side netting – please use the adjacent field.
  • Animals are not allowed on the court for the “obvious reasons”.
  • Please keep the gate closed when when using or when you leave the court.
  • Please report any damage or problems to the Parish Clerk as soon as possible.

Terms of Use

All users of the court should read the TERMS & CONDITIONS and must agree to these when an online booking is made or when they use the court casually


All users of the court should use the online booking system – a booking will always take precedence.  The times shown on the booking system are those available.

  • The court can be booked from 8am to 8pm (remember there are no lights).
  • You can book a ONE hour session.
  • You need a separate booking for each hour.
  • You can only book a maximum of TWO sequential one hour sessions on any given day.
  • You can book upto two weeks ahead.
  • If there is a “no show” then please feel free to use the court.
  • You can manage your own booking – Cancel or Reschedule is on the confirmation email you will receive when you book.
  • The Parish Council reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time – the user will be informed by email.


For any questions on using this facility please contact the Parish Clerk.


Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council

Funds to build this facility were generously provided by:

Amey Community Fund
Wadlow Wind Farm Community Fund
Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council