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ECOPs (On line information) 

Reporting non emergencies online update

To view the online reporting section of the constabulary’s website visit

The live webchat function is available by clicking on the green icon on the bottom right of the page.

Remember to report any suspicious activity in your area on either the 101 non-emergency number or 999 in an emergency. Please try and give as much information regarding a vehicle i.e, make, colour, model, distinguishing marks, registration number. Regarding persons think of; height, build, ethnicity, hair colour, clothing, motifs on clothing, footwear, any distinguishing features, tattoos etc. We do value your calls and this information may be the link we need to recent crimes. If you believe a crime is in progress then please ring 999.


Action Fraud


Cambridgeshire Police and Crime  Commissioner

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Neighbourhood Watch

 The group is officially recognised by The Police and the official N.W. organisation.

For more details of N.W. please go to Neighbourhood Watch’s website
Your local Co-ordinators are:-
Tony Ryan, 15 Angle End, 01223 880593, lyansan@btinternet.com
Aga Opalka, 4 Station Road, 01223 881977 A.Opalka@me.com
Steven Thorpe, (My Village Handyman) 27 Station Road, 07500 876376, thorpesteven@hotmail.com
Chris Hanson, “Whitethorn” 63 Church Street, 01223 880414, chris.cjhanson@gmail.com
Geoff Fry, “Applegarth” 17 High Street, 01223 881964, geofffry@btconnect.com
Please report any suspicious activity to a coordinator who will inform the authorities.
To become a member please contact any of the above co-ordinators who will be happy to help.

GW Neighbourhood watch has sent this message to all members:

“Dear Member

You will have noticed from recent media reports that, for whatever reason, there have been some negative and concerning stories

    1. That police forces might be concentrating efforts on high crime urban areas to the detriment of rural communities.
    2. That ” low level” crime or thefts involving relatively small value items or amounts are not being investigated.
    3. That so called petty crimes are up by 20%
    4. All this indicates that petty criminals such as domestic burglars are emboldened and increasing  their activities.
    5. We don’t want to scare people but please ensure you are doing what you can to maintain good security and show by stickers etc that you are aware of risk.
    6. The website below is very good and contains excellent advice and links to other websites on many aspects of personal security.


Crime Prevention Advice

Please consider installing an alarm system to garages/ sheds if you store valuable machinery etc.”