Great Wilbraham Parish projects

This page provides an overview of some of the Parish Council’s current / recent projects. Page down to read the overview and then follow the link to the project’s dedicated webpage to see more.

List of Projects 

Wilbraham’s Gigabit Project

Project Overviews

Wilbrahams’ Gigabit Project

The Wilbrahams successfully applied and obtained approval from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to install full-fibre infrastructure that will deliver hyperfast broadband to Little and Great Wilbraham. This scheme is called the Gigabit Voucher Scheme (GVS). The project was approved by DCMS in March 2021.

Cambridge Fibre (CF), a Cambridge-based company, is building the infrastructure, using existing BT infrastructure such as ducts and poles. This method minimising the use to dig up the road and makes the process quick and efficient. The current estimate from CF is that connections to the Wilbrahams will begin in Autumn 2021. All residents who subscribed to the GVS will be connected latest by March 2022.

Read more about this project on the repository page for information collected for the GVS.

Please note that the repository page for the Great Wilbraham Transport Working Group is now located under the Local Information/Clubs and Societies.