Wilbrahams’ and Six Mile Bottom’s Photo Archive

Older time street scenes in Great Wilbraham

A street in the 30s
Church Street about 1930. The church is missing one of its pinnacles!


How has your house changed?

‘Lufters’ 1880s to 1890s

'Lufters' 1880s to 1890s

West View House, 1930s
West View’ now ‘Clare House’ in the early 30s.
Cheryl Patey’s grandparents: Mr and Mrs Hornsby, outside.
An old thatched cottage, black & white
Thatched Cottage, Church Street. Apparently the elderly resident of this cottage ‘Lully’ cooked his sausages in his kettle!

The Shepherds House’ Toft Lane.

A first major restoration on this house was done in 1932

More Recent Events

Photo-documentation by Chris Fell
Many thanks to him for allowing us to create this record of local events

The link below is the most recent collection of photos from Chris. Below are some individual events of the past few years


Wilbrahams’ Social Club Family Picnic 2019


Little Wilbraham Fete 2017

Food and Craft Fair 2017

GW Picnic on the Rec 2017

2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee event at Little Wilbraham

Martin Gienke photos

Roadworks Church Street April 2018

60s night May 2018