Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom COVID Support Group

Update October 2020

After a quiet summer, some aspects of life have returned to normal. However, sadly the pandemic is not over. The Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom COVID-19 Support Group is still available to provide help if you find yourself needing to self-isolate or shield. As some details have changed, you can find an updated list of names and contact numbers on the back of this leaflet. These people are available as a first point of call for new requests. If you can’t get through, please try one of the others nearby, or a coordinator. Also, if one of the other volunteers has been helping you up to now, it is likely that this support can be continued – so please check with them first.

We are also refreshing our list of volunteers. We don’t expect this to be busy – perhaps occasional shopping or essential errands. If you would like to volunteer please speak to your local contact, email the coordinators or sign up via the online form at https://bit.ly/wsmb-vol.


Bottisham Medical Practice is in the process of setting up a delivery service which should be up and running by mid-November.  Details of how you can register will be put in your repeat medication bag.  Further details will also be available on-line.  In the meantime, if you are struggling to pick up your medication, please call the practice (01223 810030) and speak to the Social Prescriber

Local Guidance on Covid-19

As the guidance and rules change during the pandemic, it is important to keep up to date. South Cambridgeshire District Council has an excellent website which includes:

  • What you can and cannot do
  • Support available


To keep an eye on COVID levels including cases by local area:




Johnson Bede and Lane Charitable Trust

For everyone in Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom now and in the months ahead.

The Trust offers help for a variety of things including: student transport, educational equipment, music lessons, sports coaching, and medical, apprenticeship, optical and winter fuel expenses.

During the current circumstances specific help is also available:

  • Food Box – emergency food supplies.
  • Young Person Support – 16-25 year olds – help to cover the costs of staying in education, an apprenticeship or other activities. The Trust recognises young people may have to change their plans due to this crisis and would like to help them realise their new ambitions.
  • COVID Support – help with essential food and household bills

If you would like support, please contact the Trust (all enquiries are in the strictest confidence):

  • Karen Ostenfeld (Secretary) 07828 601994 secretary@jbltrust.co.uk
  • Juliet Carter (Treasurer) 07808 835081 treasurer@jbltrust.co.uk


COVID-19 Volunteer Group Local Contacts

Great Wilbraham Contact Phone number
The Lanes, Chapel Meadows, Angle End (to Post Office) Joy Bray 07707 816467/01223 880415
Angle End (Post Office to High Street) , Bensteads End Helen Clarke 07815 105092
Ratfords Yard Julia A’Court 07789 512428 / 01223 881539
Temple End, Butt Lane Lorna Carr 07502 081528
Church Street Ian Cumming 01223 881 787 / 07773 332776
Church Close Emily Oliver 07789 438393/01223 779141
Toft Lane & Toft Way Alison Hargreaves 07941 871536 / 01223 880491
High Street Upper (above Toft Way) Kat Williams 07795 497022
High Street Lower (below Toft Way), Mill Road Ngaio Vince-Dewerse 07986 224657
Squire’s Field Alison Hargreaves 07941 871536 / 01223 880491
Station Road & Frog End Aga Hextall 07886 946022


Little Wilbraham Contact Phone number
Rectory Farm Road, Church Road, Six Mile Bottom Road, LW Andrew and Juliet Carter 01223 812 065 / 07749 046 499
Primrose Farm Road, Orchard Close and Manor Close, LW Claire Daunton 01223 811 207 / 07905 473 395
High Street, LW Holly Tilbrook 01223 813669 / 07773 348 360
High Street, LW Rebecca Lomas 07718 899471
Alms Houses, LW Verity Gow 07903 666 492


Six Mile Bottom Contact Phone number
Six Mile Bottom David Gill 01638 572 037



Great Wilbraham: Hilary Burton, Tel  07710787917 email hb384@cam.ac.uk.

Little Wilbraham and SMB:  Andrew Carter, Tel 07749 046499 email apc48@cam.ac.uk