Great Wilbraham Parish services

Parish Allotments

Parish Allotments 2015Parish Councils have an obligation to provide an allotment site if there is a demand by 10 or more residents.  With this in mind, Great Wilbraham Parish Council currently has eight allotments, these are situated off Church Close, some of which are rented as half-plots.

If anyone with a plot moves more than one mile outside of the Great Wilbraham parish boundary, they are required to give up their plot.

All plots are currently taken, however, if you would like to add your name to the waiting list or would like further information please contact the Clerk.  Please note you may only add your name if you live within Great Wilbraham Parish.

Parish  Cemetery & Burial Services

Parish Cemetery 2015The Cemetery is situated within the village of Great Wilbraham, on The Lanes, next to the school and near St Nicholas Church. The access road is situated to the right of the school. The land used to be known as the Clay Pit and had previously been used as a paddock. The process to develop it into a Cemetery began in 2009 since the burial ground at St Nicholas Church was beginning to run out of available space.   Parking is available on the two lay-bys on the other side of the road.

The Cemetery is managed and maintained by Great Wilbraham Parish Council. It is a ‘lawn’ burial ground, which ensures that the simplicity and tranquility of the area is preserved. After burial, the ground will be leveled, turfed or seeded. It will then be mowed or strimmed as required. This type of landscaping necessitates some restrictions regarding the type and size of monuments and decorations that are permitted and these are listed on the following document under ‘Rules and Regulations’.

GWPC Parish Cemetery Rules & Regulation 2020

GWPC Parish Cemetery Fees 2020

Parish Lands

In addition to the allotments, the Parish owns several pieces of land in and around the village. Two of these pieces of land are currently rented out for farming, one is being rented out for land management and one has been turned into a nature reserve.