Parish Plan

Great Wilbraham Parish Plan

Help us shape the future for Great Wilbraham.

We want to involve the whole community in deciding our ambitions for the village: how we see things developing over the next 25 years.

Contact us:
Hilary Burton
25 Frog End
Christine Page
18 Church Street


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Parish Plan – An Introduction

In 2006 ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) in Cambridgeshire were encouraging parishes to undertake the production of Community Plans, and were assisting by providing grants. A Community Plan is a structured assessment of the current community and a document which provides guidance for the communities to develop in the future, in line with the wishes of the residents.

The joint Community Plan for Great Wilbraham and Little Wilbraham/Six Mile Bottom which was initiated in December 2006.

Wilbrahams Parish Plan (pages 1-4)

Wilbrahams Parish Plan (pages 5-9)

Wilbrahams Parish Plan (pages 10-16)