Cycle Paths on the Parish Council agenda

According to the published Great Wilbraham Parish Council agenda the subject of cycle paths is due to be discussed at the meeting on Thursday 16th July.  The Wilbrahams have long needed a safe cycle/pedestrian path to connect them to a route into Cambridge. We are the last villages in the area to still be without such a connection. The government have committed to prioritising funding for cycle paths to help ease congestion and pollution. With the prospect that our minimal bus service may not return – the issue becomes more urgent. Great Wilbraham Parish Council will be discussing cycle paths at its next meeting on 16th July (you can join the meeting by zoom, the link appears on the agenda which is available on the Wilbrahams web site). Please email the Clerk, ( with your interest in such a project so they can get a feeling for whether there would be support for this. Little Wilbraham Parish Council would like to hear also.  

Lorna Carr