A sell-out showing

Many thanks to all that came to the Six Inches of Soil film screening on Monday 25th at the Memorial hall. https://www.sixinchesofsoil.org/story-of-the-film

It was a sell-out event as most screenings have been on its roll out across the UK and other parts of the globe.  Picturehouse Cinemas are now supporters showing it in many of their venues, as are universities, farms with suitable meeting facilities and other rural and city venues.  The most prestigious event where it was shown so far must be COP 28 in December 2023. Most of screenings have a panel to extend the conversation around how our food is produced with Q & A after the screening.  We were lucky the have film producer Claire Mackenzie at our showing. Claire and I found all of the questions interesting and appreciated supportive comments from the audience.

Those that attended may be interested in a podcast Claire took part in with a lovely farmer called Jono in New Zealand. It’s worth listening to just to hear his accent!

See The Quorum Sense Podcast


Finally, a thank you to those that supported the film with donations in the early days which were crucial to get it off the ground (no pun intended).

If you missed it this time but would like to have an opportunity to view do get a message to Nick Toovey so he can assess demand.

David White

Hawk Mill Farm.