Wilbrahams’ Winter Wonder Walk 2020

An Advent Calendar Walk to Christmas

After last year’s success, the Wilbrahams’ Winter Wonder Walk is back for Christmas 2020!

On each day from 1st to 24th of December a different house or business will display an advent window. Visitors to the windows will be able to record those they have seen on specially designed Advent Sheets, which will be distributed free of charge at the school, to all houses in both villages and available as a PDF. Prizes will be awarded, see below.

There will also be collections for Jimmy’s Night Shelter and for Great Wilbraham Primary School.

Would you like to display a window in this year’s Wilbrahams’ Winter Wonder Walk? If so, this is what it involves:

Decorate a window in an imaginative way, to be displayed on your allocated day between 9am to 9pm for visitors to see (you may state a preference for specific dates). You can, of course, leave your decoration up for as long as you want – the allocated day refers to when visitors can view the window up close.
• The window should be easily visible from the pavement, your drive or front garden (visitors are not allowed to enter your property).
• You will be given a laminated card to display in your window (with a letter from the alphabet). This should be visible in your window on your allocated day.
• On occasional days, there will be collections for Jimmy’s Night Shelter. If your day happens to fall on a collection day, you will be asked to place an empty box under the window. The PTFA will provide and collect these.

There will be prizes for:

Best Window Display (as voted for by participants)!
Most Number of Windows Visited
Prize-draw for those who have visited at least seven of the windows. (If you would like to donate a suitable item/voucher as a prize, it would be hugely appreciated!)

What you need to do next:
To participate with a window display please email wilbrahamptfa@gmail.com  or post a note to “PTFA, 79 High Street, GW” or “PTFA, 43 Church Road, LW” (by 13th November at the latest), stating:

• If you have a preference for a specific day or days
• If you have any items that you would like to donate for the prize draws
• The address of your window (your name, unless you are a business or local group, will not be displayed)
• Your contact details (preferably email)

We will confirm your allocated date by Friday 20th November. (Please note that if demand exceeds expectations, some window displays may have to share the same dates.)

Thank you!
Great Wilbraham Primary School PTFA

Download this information here.