Wilbrahams’ Warbler Summer edition on line

The Wilbrahams’ Warbler Summer edition will not be in print form, but electronic PDF.  The editors thought about the ramifications and decided the risk of spreading the virus through paper copies and for the deliverers was too great.

The Summer edition of the Warbler will appear on the village website (Wilbrahams.co.uk) on June 1st and therefore be available for viewing and download.  It will be in colour, in A4 format and reduced in content – approximately twelve pages. Please pass this information on to anyone who has access to the web.  We encourage you to sign up as subscriber to the web site (information is on the home page) to receive email notification of the publication and other posts.

For those who don’t have access to the web, the Parish Councils are organising volunteers to distribute paper copies.  Please contact John Bramwell, 83 High Street, 812 426 in Little Wilbraham; David Gill, The Hermitage, London Road, Six Mile Bottom, CB8 0UJ, 01638 572 037 in Six Mile Bottom; or Steve Bartlett, 14 High Street, CB21 5JD in Great Wilbraham for more information.


We hope to be back to our usual printed copies delivered to every home for the Autumn edition on September 1st.

Stay well and enjoy the Warbler.


John Bramwell

Martin Gienke

John Torode