Wilbrahams Covid-19. Karen Redman

For our next item in our Wilbrahams Covid-19 series Karen Redman turns to her literary skills with a lovely poem.

Martin Gienke


I have been asked to write something for the Covid19 series… but I really don’t think I can add anything to our experience under lockdown whilst caring for a child with severe disabilities which hasn’t already been said so eloquently by Barry Haynes…. Our daughter, Martha, is likewise (to Josh) remarkably content, given that she is with her boring parents day in day out…!! So this is my slightly alternative offering…

Just biding our time..

Not all now, has changed

Some parts stayed the same..

The street and the house

The daughter, the spouse


We’re just staying in

(It’s wearing quite thin!)

Not much going out

Around and about..


This virus you know

So small, I’ll be blowed!

Yet, chaos it’s caused

The country’s ‘on pause..’


We’re doing just fine

Here, biding our time..

A bit of a haze

With mingling of days..


Not all’s getting done..

Enjoying the sun

The garden, the walks

The long ‘catch up’ talks


The booze and the pies

Some beautiful skies!

Behind on the chores

(I find it just bores..)



Not much to excite

To challenge or fight

But no living hell..

So long as we’re well


There’s always tomorrow..

The housework can follow!

Less ‘bustle and strife’

In this, alter-life


There are pangs of yearning

Intense and quite churning

Luck has it, they wane

Else, we’d go insane!


Tho’ wouldn’t it be nice

Such ‘sugar and spice’

To feel free to hug

With no chance of bugs?


To meet and to sing

Just ‘doing our thing’

As always we did

Before we all hid


Hope one day we will..

Some ‘helluva thrill’

That great day would be

For you and for me!


But those on the chart

(And held in my heart)

Therein lies the rub

With this vicious bug..


A terrible toll..

Some young, mainly old

How many, all told?

Once vibrant, now cold..


The stories, the tears

The missing, lost years

The anguish, the strain

The heartbreak, the pain..


Once over and passed

Will new habits last?

These lessons we learned

Whilst pandemic burned..



Things now, we value

People we hallow

The heroes we salute

This ‘lack of dispute’


Shall recall, we this

When hug we and kiss?

Resuming our lives..

Assuming we survive


And when we emerge

What then will we find?

I don’t really know

Just biding our time..

Karen Redman