Wilbrahams Covid-19 Jonah Spindel

This next item in our Wilbrahams Covid-19 is very special with three pieces of cello music performed byEmma Adams & Daniel Spindel’s son, Jonah Spindel, in St Nicholas Church in Great Wilbraham.

Martin Gienke


I have lived in Great Wilbraham my whole life until I moved to London three years ago to study music. I normally live as part of a flatshare in Kilburn in north-west London, but managed to leave London just a few days before the full lockdown begun. My college, the Royal Academy of Music, had closed, the streets were emptying, my gigs were cancelling in quick succession – so I was very lucky escape and come back home. My flatmates and I spent a few last days playing and recording music together before we set off to North & South Wales, and Cambridgeshire respectively. Since then I’ve been spending my time writing and recording music, having remote online Skype lessons with my teachers and exploring areas of music I haven’t had time to during term-time. Running, cycling and walking in the countryside has been a release and also a source of inspiration for creation. Although I really miss being able to make music with friends in the normal way, the lockdown has inspired me and many others to come up with new ways to be creative. I’m currently working remotely with filmmakers, dancers and fellow musicians and producers: writing and collaborating to make music and films to spread some happiness and enjoyment during this tough time. In this vain, I spent last Sunday recording some solo Bach in St Nicholas’ Church in Great Wilbraham to try and spread joy in a small way! I hope you enjoy it.

Jonah Spindel

  1. Courante from Bach Cello Suite no.1 in G Major
  2. Gigue from Bach Cello Suite no.3 in C Major
  3. Sarabande from Bach Cello Suite no.2 in D Minor

Further recordings and compositions/films’ are on www.youtube.com/jonahspindel/videos