Well-brahams’ Picnic

The Well-brahams Summer Solstice on Friday 21st June brought mums, children and others together for a delightful picnic in Great Wilbraham Community Orchard.  This is report from one of the children, 8 year old Bethany Fordham.

“It was quite exciting – like an adventure.  It was good fun because I swished a bug net and

caught a spider and a tiny snail.  I created some bug thumb prints and ate lots of yummy marshmallows.I saw a really big tree and it is quite rare.  It is called black poplar.  Me and my friends had fun together in the orchard.  There are some pears and apples growing.  I think we should have another picnic when they are ready to pick in the autumn.”

Summer Solstice Picnic in Great Wilbraham Orchard, by Bethany Fordham

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