We have pruned the apple and pear trees in the Community Orchard

Community Orchard: Well-brahams’ Pruning Workshop 12 January 2022

Image of two people pruning a fruit tree
Orchard expert, Bob Lever

The Well-brahams held an orchard pruning workshop with Bob Lever, (‘Orchard Bob’) who is an orchard expert and enthusiast from North-West Norfolk.

He took eight volunteers through the principles and practicalities of pruning. Under Bob’s supervision, we assessed each tree, and made a plan to correct damage and shape the tree to promote fruiting. The apples and pear trees were pruned, but the plums, greengages and damsons will be done later in the year.


We had a lovely day – the sun was shining and the orchard felt wonderfully sheltered and quiet. We also had an excellent home cooked lunch break, (thanks to Well-brahams’ members Joy, Julia and Alison for the hot soup, cheese scones and banana bread) and a good chat!


Please take the chance to get to know the orchard. Walk down and admire the newly pruned trees; see how it changes during the seasons; and look out for wildlife. There are now quiet places to sit, or you can meet up with friends over a coffee at our new picnic tables. Let us know how you get on, what you see, and any ideas you have about how to use it. There is lots for us all to learn together as we take this special place forward.

Alison Hargreaves