Update – Hyperfast Broadband Survey

This is an update to the application for introducing hyperfast broadband to the Wilbrahams.  The villages survey has been completed and the results submitted to the Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

We are waiting on the results of our submission and we will let you know as soon as we receive a decision.

The tables below give a breakdown of the responses to the survey from the individual villages .  Overall it was a great response with 35% of households completing the survey.  Generally a response of more that 30% in any survey is considered a very good outcome, so thanks to all the Wilbrahams residents who completed the survey either online or as a paper copy.


Total Number of Houses  Number of Houses Responded Percentage (%)
Little Wilbraham 123 49 40
Great Wilbraham 280 92 33


If the data is broken down to present a more detailed view, what is surprising is the number of home-based businesses the two village have.


Web Forms Paper Forms Private Home Business
Little Wilbraham 38 11 35 14
Great Wilbraham 70 22 74 18
Totals 108 33 109 32

This means that if all goes well the potential subsidised funds are:

Little Wilbraham – £101,500

Great Wilbraham – £174,000

TOTAL – £275,500


For all the information associated with this project visit the Broadband Home Page


A big thanks again to all those who responded and we will let you know the progress of our application as soon as we hear anything.

The Wilbrahams Hyperfast Broadband Team – March 21st 2021

Supported by the Great Wilbraham Parish Council and the Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom Parish Council