Trespass at GW Primary School

Dear Community,

I am writing to you to advise that unfortunately over several weeks our school site has been illegally trespassed, with intruders climbing the fences to gain access.  These fences are now broken and will cause a vast amount of cost to replace.  We will begin replacing and repairing the fences next week and hopefully they will not be damaged again. It is not just about having the school site secured from outside visitors but importantly to provide a secure place for our children to play and learn.


This week there was evidence of a fire in the woods beside the school using items taken from the school site, alcohol labels and lids and cigarette butts left on our school site and one of the football goals has been damaged and a piece removed making it unsafe for our children to use.  This is completely unacceptable and we are considering our next steps, including informing the authorities with the names we have been given of those possibly involved so they can investigate further.


If you think you know who might be involved and could inform them of the difficulties their actions have caused it would be appreciated.  Alternatively, if you notice anything suspicious when the school is closed then please call 101.

The school is not going to be able to sustain the cost of replacing damage done to the school grounds on a recurring basis. We also feel we might have to increase the security of the site and look into wider options such as CCTV and raised fences.


These recent spate of events are sad and disappointing. They do not reflect the wonderful community the school is a part and your help, support and vigilance in keeping our school safe would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Brown


Great Wilbraham Primary School