“the Feast” is not forgotten


This is your chance to enjoy “the Feast” for 2020.  Hosted last year for the first time in 115 years on the recreation ground Little Wilbraham, the celebration of the Summer Solstice was a great success.   Since it involves people coming together and sharing good food and good company it is probably not a good idea for 2020.

However, we have a solution.

We are inviting you to share  a feast together with your “social bubble” whether it is online or in your back garden – at a suitable distance of course, on Sunday the 21st of June.

So wheel out the BBQ or pack a picnic for the back garden and celebrate “the Feast” for 2020.

Zoom it, Skype it, Facetime it, WhatsApp it – whatever you fancy.  Share the same menu or just be different and hang out together.

When:  Sunday the 21st June, 2020

Where:  Your garden or online 

Post your pictures on the Wilbrahams Facebook site so we can all enjoy this social outing together at a distance.

We will definitely be back in 2021 so look out for more information around the same time next year.


“the Feast”