Plug Plant Competition

The Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom Vegetable, Flower and Produce Show, Saturday, 16th July, 2022 

The pelargonium plug plants are now available. 1 plant per person, 20p entry fee.  

Please contact Rosie White if you would like to take part: 

Tel 01223 881293  

Mobile 07757982934  


or collect from 13, High Street, Great Wilbraham. 

The idea is to ‘pot- up’ and ‘grow on’ the plug plant which will hopefully be in full bloom for the Show. 

Please bring your nurtured pelargonium along to Great Wilbraham Memorial Hall on Saturday, 16th July between 09.00 and 11.30.   

The winner will be awarded the DAVID WATERS MEMORIAL CUP during prize giving which starts at 16.30.   

Good Luck!