Playground work begun with a Surprise


Disappointment from some at seeing their playground being dug up.

Work began on  Monday, 15th July, to clear the site ready for the new playground equipment in Great Wilbraham.  A digger, shovels and other implements were used by local helpers to remove all the footings of the previously dismantled playground equipment because it was unsafe and to make room for the new apparatus. After digging out some of these footings a rather large piece of stone was discovered down amongst the footings.  It took a bit of manoeuvring to extract it amongst speculation to its origin.  A Wilbraham bomb shelter, ancient Iceni construction, the tunnel from the Temple and a remnant from the Army in residence in WWII were all ventured. Here’s the movie


Now that all the concrete has been successfully removed the contractors will start their installation work.

Martin Gienke