Newly planted playground border

Yesterday the Well-brahams and hardworking volunteers prepared the border by the play area ready for planting. Four examples of plants selected for the new playground borderToday we had the fun bit and managed to get all the wonderful plants in.


This was a great example of our two villages (Great and Little Wilbraham) working together – Elaine Allison and Alan Cody from Little Wilbraham sourced the plants for us. We also benefitted from Elaine’s expertise as she designed the planting plan, taking into consideration ground cover, hardiness and colour. She and Alan also very kindly helped us with the planting itself. Tony Goryn made a heroic effort dragging a water butt through the village to ensure the new plants were well watered.


Volunteer planters with their tools get ready for planting


Currently the plants look small, but they will spread and were also chosen to be drought resistant. Next year they will be well established and will be a pleasure to look at.The newly planted border by the playground




It has been a great experience working on the project as so many people have stopped for a chat and said how much they look forward to the plants becoming established.


Volunteer planters and their planted borderThanks to all the volunteers and passers-by who have made this such fun.

Hiker stops to pass the time of day with a volunteer planterVolunteer planter selecting a plant

Assorted perennial and evergreen plants and shrubs

Joy Bray and Alison Hargreaves

On behalf of the Well-brahams