Must be the Pick of the Litter !

Grabber practice on tree mulch.

Not often you bring back a car from a local Saturday morning litter pick but it just happened.   A full sized electric toy car complete with three forward gears, reverse and for the connoisseur, a USB charging port and an MP3 player input.   Sadly the manual was missing.

Coordinated by David Gill, there was a great turnout at the Six Mile Bottom pick with lots residents and of course lots of rubbish.  A group of 16 locals did their village proud and hoovered their ways across the village and beyond.  Altogether about twenty bags of were collected and if added to thirteen bags collected by Bob the previous month, adds up to a staggering amount of roadside rubbish.

A big thank you to you all.

When you look at the area covered in the parish over the last two weeks, it feels like all 526 hectares (or in old money 1200 acres) was actually cleaned, ranging from the old airfield tree line outside Little Wilbraham to the A11 in Six Mile Bottom.  On this path alone it is 3.5 miles.

This year has been a great year for volunteers with the combined count for the two villages nearing 50 residents.  A lot of new faces which is really encouraging and it is really nice to see the number of children that came along and helped out.

So what was found :

  • a sophisticated toy electric car
  • hub caps
  • smashed wing mirrors and lots of bits of plastic from cars that came off second best
  • the usual cans, wrappers and Ibuprofen tablet packs
  • some doors or was it a bench?
  • a perfectly serviceable wheel barrow
  • wine and beer bottles, which is always amusing given where they are disposed of

And what is a bit sad, lots of abandoned National Highways road works signs.  We hope they will be collected but nobody is holding their breath.

To be picked up by the council on Monday

Finally a tribute must be paid to Richard Wilcockson who passed away recently.  Richard was the Six Mile Bottom Champion Litter Picker who for many years carried out a daily round of cleaning up somebody else’s rubbish.  Thank you Richard.

It was great to see Richard’s daughter and partner there today.

See you all in 2025 but if you feel an urge to keep your nest clean, feel free to pick some litter at anytime and if you would like to join our parish volunteer group and have some fun then you can register your details HERE.

Thanks again for your time it really is appreciated.

The Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council