Memorial Hall Shrub Planting We need your help

A few weeks ago we were given the opportunity by a local garden centre to select a number of shrubs and plants free of charge, these have now been selected, collected and are in store with a local resident ready to be planted out.

The intention is to plant these in front of the Great Wilbraham Memorial Hall at the top of the grass bank alongside Angle End.  We would plant the red Berberis in front of the windows about a 1.5 m away with the intention over the next few years to form a small hedge, in front of the Berberis we will plant the yellow flowering Potentilla.  The existing grass will be removed from this planting area and bark chippings placed after planting to keep future weeding to a minimum.  A grassed area leading down to the footpath will remain.

Hopefully, as the shrubs develop they will create a more colourful and interesting landscape along this part of the Memorial Hall building.

The purpose of this announcement is to hopefully encourage you to get involved in the planting activities and to perhaps enjoy some of the nice summer weather. I appreciate that Coronavirus has up to now impacted outside gatherings but as the situation becomes easier in the coming weeks we should be able to carry out this work safely.  We will obviously organise the activities to follow government guidelines.

So, please be a volunteer. We need your help in preparing the area and then planting the shrubs.

Please let me know by emailing and I will then start to organise the preparation work planting with volunteers.

Many Thanks Paul Lambton.