Know Your Neighbour Series II – Tomorrow Tuesday 25th 8PM – Moving Plates

The recent news has been filled scenes of erupting volcanoes and  the devastation associated with the resulting tsunami. Tomorrow’s evening talk in the “Know Your Neighbour” series is directly relevant and will be presented by Carol Williams from Little Wilbraham.  As a research scientist, Carol was involved with the study of plate tectonics from the 1960s and was often the lone female aboard the research ship on scientific expeditions.   Her work has directly contributed to our understanding of how continents drift with respect to each other.  Carol will expand on her research career and take us on a fascinating tour of mid-ocean ridges, subduction zones and plate tectonics.

Join us for the first talk in the new series for 2022.

If you have missed any of the other talks or would like to see them again then see them all on our YouTube channel.

Carol Williams – Little Wilbraham
Date: Tuesday 25th January
Time: 8pm


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Passcode: 591356