Covid-19 (Coronovirus) – Wilbrahams help available (update 19th June 2020)

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Help is available in Great Wilbraham, Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom

Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom COVID Support Group (Update 19 June 2020)

The Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom COVID-19 Support Group will continue to provide support for residents who need to shield or self-isolate in the coming months. As the lockdown eases, the situation for many residents and their helpers will change, as it has for some of our volunteers.  Our Group has taken the time to refresh the support team and review the services we offer. Our system of Local Contacts will continue, although some names have changed. Our new list is enclosed overleaf.

Please check the contact for your area – these people will still be available as a first point of call. 


The Dispensary at Bottisham Medical Practice reverted to normal opening from Monday 15 June 2020. Prescriptions are no longer delivered for most people. If you are shielding or self-isolating and need help to pick up a prescription please telephone your Local Contact. More information about prescriptions is available on People will be asked to wear face-coverings when they go to the surgery. Fabric masks or scarves covering the mouth and nose are acceptable.

Johnson Bede and Lane Charitable Trust

For everyone in Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom now and in the months ahead. 

The Trust offers help for a variety of things including: student transport, educational equipment, music lessons, sports coaching, and medical, apprenticeship, optical and winter fuel expenses.

During the current circumstances specific help is also available:

  • Education Support – help to cover the cost of home education (electricity, printer ink, paper, educational toys and games and other resources).
  • Young Person (16-25 years old) Support – help to cover the costs of staying in education, an apprenticeship or other activities. The Trust recognises young people may have to change their plans due to this crisis and would like to help them realise their new ambitions.
  • COVID 19 Support – help with essential food and household bills

If you would like support, please contact the Trust (all enquiries are in the strictest confidence):

  • Karen Ostenfeld (Secretary) 07828 601994
  • Juliet Carter (Treasurer) 07808 835081


Children’s Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Games and Story Books

12.30-2pm in Great Wilbraham Church Porch on Mondays (22nd June, 29th June, 6th July and 13th July).  Lots of toys and other items (clean and good quality) have been donated and are available free of charge to keep children happy during the Summer holidays!  Just come along and have a look.


Fruit and vegetable boxes

The Fulbourn Fruit Shop has provided weekly deliveries of mixed vegetable and fruit boxes, organised by Verity and Aga and collected and delivered by Steve. We would like to thank them for this wonderful service. However, the boxes will end with the delivery on 27th June, following which the shop will close for one week, reopening on Saturday 4 July (closed on  Mondays). For people who are shielding or need help with shopping, please contact our volunteers for assistance or telephone the shop on 01223 880514.


COVID-19 Hardship Energy Voucher Scheme

This scheme provides energy vouchers for residents struggling to top up pre-pay meters due to the COVID-19 crisis. This could include anyone whose income has significantly reduced due to job loss or significant reduction in hours, or who is already on a low income and has seen costs increased, for example due to having more people at home every day or not having school meals. Citizens Advice is the best route for residents to access this, as a referral is needed. Please use:


Activities for older people

The Royal Voluntary Service has launched a national lockdown activity programme for older people. The programme is designed to bring people together to enjoy activities at the same time, to keep active and interested, and to have fun. See this and other activities for all on:


Wider information

Information for people who have a medical condition that makes them extremely vulnerable:

Advice for people with small businesses or self-employed

Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom Facebook page



COVID-19 Volunteer Group Local Contacts


Coordinators: Great Wilbraham: Hilary Burton, Tel  07710787917 email

Little Wilbraham:  Andrew Carter, Tel 07749 046499 email


Great Wilbraham Contact Phone number
Angle End (N), The Lanes & Chapel Meadows Joy Bray 07707 816 467 / 01223 880 415
Angle End (S), Bensteads End Sarah Fordham 07833 162 068 / 01223 880 698
Ratfords Yard Julia A’Court 07789 512 428 / 01223 881539
Temple End, Butt Lane and High St (Top) Helen Clarke 07815 105 092
Church Street Ian Cumming 01223 881 787 / 07773 332 776
Church Close Emily Oliver 07789438393
Toft Lane & Toft Way Alison Hargreaves 07941 871 536 / 01223 880 491
High Street (Mid)  & Mill Rd Rowena Pilsworth 07981 976 905 / 01223 971 966
Squire’s Field and High Street (Lower) Sarah Fordham 07833 162 068 / 01223 880 698
Station Road & Frog End Aga Hextall 07886 946 022
Little Wilbraham Contact Phone number
Rectory Farm Road, Church Road, Six Mile Bottom Road, LW Andrew and Juliet Carter 01223 812 065 / 07749 046 499
Primrose Farm Road, Orchard Close and Manor Close, LW Claire Daunton 01223 811 207 / 07905 473 395
High Street, LW Holly Tilbrook 01223 813669 / 07773 348 360
High Street, LW Rebecca Lomas 07718 899471
Alms Houses, LW Verity Gow 07903 666 492
Six Mile Bottom Contact Phone number
Six Mile Bottom David Gill 01638 572 037