COVID-19 Coordination Hubs Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter which aims to share news and highlights from the Countywide Coordination Hub and the network of district and city hubs.

I would like to pay tribute to all our staff, many of whom work on the ‘front line’, who have continued to serve our residents under increasingly difficult circumstances. I know that many have been redeployed to undertake vital roles in our response to the Coronavirus outbreak and our continued quest to support residents across the county. Thank you.

The response from our communities has been exemplary. Local councils and volunteers have been quick to set up a support network to provide help to those who need it now and reassurance to those who may need it later. Community spirit is alive and well in Cambridgeshire. Thank you.

Our partners across the whole public sector have come together to work as one, to pool resources, share information, spread the workload and protect the public. District councils, the NHS, carers, voluntary sector, faith groups, police, fire, ambulance and military, and many more. Businesses have also been quick to help, by providing food, transport and premises.

Thank you all.

Councillor Steve Criswell, Chairman of the Communities and Partnerships Committee, Cambridgeshire County Council

COVID-19 Coordination Hubs – Newsletter April 2020