Concerned about HGVs?

The newly formed Transport Working Group needs your help and support

Dear Neighbours

In 2007, a Parish Plan for the Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom reported the results of a residents’ survey about disturbance:

“The two highest responses were both traffic related. 88% of the people surveyed said they experienced disturbance from heavy lorries while 45% said traffic noise in general was a problem.”

Fourteen years on, the volume of traffic has grown and lorries are much bigger. The nuisance has also increased: noise and pollution, the effect on other road users and the destruction of roads, verges and pavements.  Most importantly the risk of accident, particularly to our children, has grown. Every one of us is affected by these huge vehicles, in some way or other, regardless of where we live in the village.

We are not alone in suffering this problem. Many other villages have already taken action to reduce the impact of HGVs and we believe that it is time for us to do the same. The Parish Council agrees and a ‘Transport Working Group’ has been formed to investigate possible solutions. The Group will complement the work of the ‘Speed Awareness Team’, which applied for County Council funding last year to implement traffic calming measures in the area of the school, church, playpark and nursery.

Our approach will be to establish the nature and extent of the problem and then to research ways of reducing the danger, damage and disruption; we will speak to those in other communities who have already tackled this problem and learn from their experiences. Once equipped with the evidence, we will approach the commercial businesses operating the lorries, those sending and receiving goods and those responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the roads. Finally, we will advise the Parish Council about measures that could be taken.

Our fledgling group already has a scattering of knowledge, but we need more. We would like to hear about your concerns and would welcome your suggestions. Would you join us and contribute to this campaign? The Group is not yet formed and is looking for volunteers to assist, even if only to watch and record the traffic. If you do not have the time to lend a hand, perhaps by doing some research online, could you let us know whether or not you support this initiative? Are you happy for the Group to act on your behalf?

Please contact us either by e-mail to or by dropping a note through one of our letterboxes. In due course, we will set up a series of Zoom meetings so that we can brief you on our plans in a little more detail.

With kind regards

Tim Page                                              and                               David Richer

18 Church Street                                                                        52 High Street