Great Wilbraham Parish Council Meeting 18th March 2021
Mar 18 @ 7:30 pm
The next Farmers’ Market (Provisional) @ Great Wilbraham Recreation Ground
Apr 10 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

We have set a provisional date for the next Farmers’ Market of SATURDAY APRIL 10th if restrictions have been lifted by then. Let’s hope the sun shines for us (we have had some rain-drenched markets over the autumn). We really appreciate the support the village shows for the markets. Many of you come, (rain or shine), and we are getting a reputation locally. We have a range of local produce stalls that sell handmade pies, British cheeses, artisan breads, Greek deli, cheesecakes, game / meat, coffee, beer, cider and eco products. We also run a ‘Made in the Wilbrahams’ stall with local bakes and produce, which raises funds for the Memorial Hall. The hall has been without an income for nearly a year now, so all monies raised make a much-needed contribution to the continued costs of maintaining and insuring the (empty) building. If you could contribute to the Wilbrahams’ stall, that would also be much appreciated! Please see the Wilbraham’s website and the hall and community Facebook pages to keep up to date with this.

Great Wilbrham Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting (APM)
Apr 22 @ 7:30 pm
Great Wilbraham Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 20th May 2021
May 20 @ 7:30 pm
The Wilbrahams’ & Six Mile Bottom Vegetable, Flower and Produce Show 2021 @ Great Wilbraham Recreation Ground
Jul 17 @ 2:00 pm

As it is unclear how the lay of the land will be regarding Covid restrictions by mid-July and whether the Memorial Hall will be in use, we are planning to run the Show on similar lines to last year’s Doorstep Show but to hold it on the Rec…weather permitting! The idea being that you would set up your display on a table on the Rec rather than on your Doorstep. Having the tables all in one place would enable everyone to get together, look around all the displays more easily and continue the tradition of this fun and social event for the Villages….and give us all something to look forward to!! (There will be a limited number of Hall tables available for use and help will be on hand for anyone needing their items transported from home to the Rec and back.)
We hope to be able to serve the traditional ‘Tea/coffee and cakes’ outdoors but this will depend, of course on Government guidelines at the time.
Full details of the Show and Classes will be printed in the Summer edition of the Warbler (early June) and a flyer delivered to your door.