Anglia Textile Works In The Fens


Anglia Textile Works In The Fens

10 – 27 September 2020

Anglia Textile Works is a contemporary textile art group based in East Anglia. Established 23 years ago the group currently consists of 8 members with a variety of backgrounds in art, design and the quilting arts.

Many of the individual members are well established artists in the quilt art sphere. Individual members work is held in both public and private collections. Members of the group exhibit work regularly both at home and on an international platform . Anglia Textile Works has exhibited extensively in galleries, museums and art spaces throughout East Anglia and the UK. This is their second visit to Ely.

Anglia Textile Works was originally formed to provide a stimulating environment in which to develop artistically, to experiment with new ideas and techniques and to raise the profile of art textiles to a wider audience . The group has a strong commitment to showcasing high quality fine art textile practice and craftsmanship. Each artist has a distinctive style, working process and approach to making textile art. The themes that underpin their artworks are diverse and sensitive.

Anglia Textile Works In The Fens exhibition brings together an exciting presentation  of new works many of them inspired by the special qualities of the Fenland landscape.

Mai-Britt Axelsen – Yvonne Brown – Niki Chandler – Kathy Colledge – Chrissy Leech

Annette Morgan – Lucie Summers – Cherry Vernon-Harcourt

Anglia Textile Works

Niki Chandler