Adding to the photo archive for our villages

High Street and the triangle, Great Wilbraham
A view of the High Street and triangle, Great Wilbraham.

David Richer recently found this wonderful old postcard of Great Wilbraham.  It is a photograph of the triangle and High Street, taken from Kennels Farmhouse.  A lot has changed.  Just look at the old car in the distance and the state of the road  which appears to be used more by horses then by cars.

Another striking feature is the presence of two pubs.  The Tallyho is on the right and the Kings Head on the left.  You can just see Toft Way beyond the Kings Head and the fingerpost directs traffic to London Road and Six Mile Bottom.  It’s believed that there used to be five pubs in Great Wilbraham. Is that correct?


Do you have any old photographs of the villages to add to the photo archive? Send them here.