A Big Thank You!

On behalf of the residents of Little Wilbraham, Great Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom we would like to thank our speakers for the great presentations on such a diverse range of topics in the “Know Your Neighbour” series. David Humphrey kicked off the presentations with his work with Artificial Intelligence followed by Claire Daunton on Medieval Stained Glass in Norfolk and finished by a virtual tour of the Wilbraham Farms by Chris Ascroft. Over the three presentations we had around 40 – 50 viewers online for each session which was a fabulous response by the residents.  The presentations lasted around thirty minutes followed by a question and answer session that was both entertaining and enlightening.  There are no secrets anymore.

If you would like to see the presentations for the first time or view them again then we have a dedicated page that will add the presentations as they are completed.

Find the presentations here

Following a  straw poll at the end of the last presentation there was overwhelming support to continue the series in the new year so we are planning to stage another in the “Know Your Neighbour” series sometime in late January early February 2021.

We already have a number of volunteers to speak but if you have an interesting topic or have a burning desire to let your neighbours know what you do or what your interests are, then we would love to hear from you.

Make sure you are signed up for notifications for the Wilbrahams Website so you will know when the next series will run.  Just look for the Subscribe for Notifications box on this page

Please contact us if:

  • you would like to hear something about a topic and we will try and find a speaker
  • you would like to present
  • you know a local resident that we could bribe


Just send an email to any of the following and we will be in touch you as soon as possible.

Andrew Carter – Cllr.Carter@wilbrahams.co.uk

Hillary Burton – hb384@cam.ac.uk

Alan Cody – cllr.cody@wilbrahams.co.uk

Organised by the Covid Support Group  – Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom and Great Wilbraham