Wilbrahams’ Veg, Flower and Produce Show 2019

It’s time already to start thinking about the entries you want to make to the Village Show!

The Hall will be open for receiving entries on Saturday 13th July from 9.00 am to 11.30 am. No exhibits will be accepted after 11.30 am and all exhibitors MUST leave the Hall by 11.45 am.
Exhibitor’s entrance fee: 20p per item (adults) & 10p per item (Under-16s)


  1. 5 pods of broad beans
  2. 5 pods of peas or mangetout
  3. Bunch of 5 radishes (one variety)
  4. 1 lettuce, root intact (any variety)
  5. 3 potatoes (one variety)
  6. 5 salad onions with tops on
  7. 1 cucumber (any variety)
  8. 1 cabbage with 2-3”/5-7.5cm stem
  9. 3 carrots, tops trimmed
  10. 5 French or dwarf beans
  11. 3 bulbs of garlic
  12. 3 beetroot, tops trimmed
  13. 2 courgettes (4-8”/10-20cm)
  14. 3 tomatoes with stem on (same variety)
  15. 5 shallots
  16. 5 runner beans
  17. 3 onions, tops trimmed and tied
  18. The longest bean!
  19. 5 cherry/baby tomatoes
  20. Tray, trug or basket of mixed vegetables, at least 5 different varieties
  21. 3 stems each of any 3 varieties of herbs, displayed in water
  22. Exhibit of any vegetable not included in the schedule
  23. 7 raspberries
  24. 5 strings of blackcurrants
  25. 5 strings of redcurrants
  26. 7 gooseberries
  27. 3 sticks of rhubarb
  28. Longest stick of rhubarb
  29. Exhibit of any fruit not included in the schedule


  1. A specimen rose (Rose Bowl Award)
  2. 5 stems of garden flowers – each different
  3. 3 stems of roses, large flowered
  4. 5 stems of sweet peas, single colour or mixed
  5. 3 stems of cluster-flowered roses
  6. 3 stems of flowering shrub (mixed or the same)
  7. 3 stems of herbaceous perennial (mixed or the same)
  8. 3 stems of foliage plant (mixed or the same)
  9. 1 dahlia bloom (any variety, any size)
  10. A rose – chosen for scent
  11. 3 stems of dahlias (mixed or the same, any size)
  12. 1 fuchsia grown from plug plant supplied
  • See note in ‘Rules’ section
  1. A potted pelargonium
  2. A flowering pot plant (not a fuchsia or pelargonium)
  3. A foliage pot plant
  4. Cactus/cacti or succulent(s) in any container
    Flower Exhibits (Arrangements)
  • See note in ‘Rules’ section
  1. A miniature exhibit (max overall 4”/10cm)
  2. “Storm in a Teacup”
  3. An exhibit of flowers and fruits
  4. An exhibit of flowers and/or foliage in a kitchen utensil (any size)
  5. A display of flower heads floating in a bowl of water
  • See note in ‘Rules’ section
  1. 6 hen or 6 bantam eggs
  2. 1 jar of jam or jelly (any variety)
  3. 1 jar of marmalade (any variety)
  4. 1 jar of chutney/pickle
  5. 1 loaf of bread or 4 bread rolls (any type)
  6. 4 squares of flapjack
  7. 4 scones (any variety)
  8. 4 squares of a vegan bake of your choice (sweet or savoury)
  9. Victoria sandwich (your own recipe)
  10. A pie made with homemade pastry (any type)
  11. Bara Brith (tea bread) as per recipe enclosed in printed schedule
  12. Crunchy Top Lemon Cake (all in one recipe) as per recipe enclosed in printed schedule
    Arts and Handicrafts
  • See note in ‘Rules’ section
  1. A drawing or painting (any medium)
  2. An item of patchwork or quilting
  3. Any sewn/stitched item
  4. An item of knitting
  5. An item of crochet, lace, knotwork or beadwork
  6. An item of tapestry, cross stitch or needlepoint
  7. An item of hard handicraft (e.g. woodwork, pottery, metalwork)
  8. Any other craft item not included in the schedule
  • See note in ‘Rules’ section and extra awards for Best Photos as per printed schedule/Spring Warbler article
  1. “On the farm”
  2. “Past its best”
  3. “Looking down”
  4. “Amateur sport”
  5. Portrait of a family friend

Children’s section
Classes to follow in Summer Warbler
Number of entries in each class limited to two per exhibitor (except Class 41 which is limited to one per exhibitor).
If there is only one entry in a class, the prize will be left to the judges’ discretion. The judges may withhold awards if, in their opinion, exhibits do not reach reasonable standards.
Please read and interpret the meaning of the schedule to avoid disappointment or disqualification. The judges’ decision is final.
All exhibitors are on trust that their entries are MADE BY THEMSELVES OR GROWN IN THEIR OWN GARDEN IN THE WILBRAHAMS OR SIX MILE BOTTOM, except flowers in classes 46-50.
Classes 41-45 must have been owned by the Exhibitor for at least 8 weeks.
Classes 55-62 are to be exhibited on a white paper plate and covered with cling film or a polythene bag.
Classes 63-70 must be Exhibitor’s own work and not previously shown.
Classes 71-75 may either be exhibited as printed photographs (maximum size 10” x 8”) or preferably sent electronically by email to chris.fell@me.com – deadline midnight Friday 12th (day before the Show) – to be displayed at the Show on screen.