Wilbraham River Annual Walk 2018

Waving goodbye to Wilbraham River

Bottisham Lock was the destination for the Wilbraham River Protection Society’s annual walk in July this year, when an intrepid few, braving the scorching sun, waved goodbye to our river at the point it joins the River Cam. The walk started about three-quarters of the way along the full course of the river at Anglesey Abbey Mill. Not many of us had seen where it ends its journey from its source at The Temple Spring in Great Wilbraham. The five-mile walk followed along the banks of the river where possible, and across farmland and shrub to avoid the road from Lode along which the river mostly flows. If you would like to go to Bottisham Lock and are put off by the long walk, it is possible to drive through Lode on the Lode Road, up as far as Vicarage Farm, where the otherwise straight road makes a sharp right turn. Park on the side of the road, cross the little footbridge over the river and follow the signpost to the Lock. It is about three quarters of a mile.

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