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The Warbler is published every three months in March, June, September and December with a production run of over 500 copies distributed to Great Wilbraham, Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom.

If you would like to advertise in The Wilbrahams’ Warbler Rates per issue, start for as little as £15.00 for a quarter page. A Full page is £40.00, and a half page £25.00. For more information contact one of the Editors.

Issue Winter 2017

Contents Public Service Contact Details 4 Editorial 5 Letters 6 First Place Nationally for The Warbler 7 Great Wilbraham Parish Council 9 Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council 11 A View from the Garden 13 The Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall 14 Country Music Evenings 16 Table Tennis in the Wilbrahams’ Hall 16 Wilbrahams Autumn Food and Craft Fair 17 Chapel Dental Open in Great Wilbraham 19 Great Wilbraham Primary School 21 Vic Franklin 23 Over the farm gate 24 Ammonite inspired Quilt wins highly commended 27 St Nicholas’ Church Bells – Can you Hear Them? 29 Bottisham Medical Practice Patients’ Group 30 St Nicholas Trust Auction 24 February 2018 32 Over 60 Club 33 Wilbrahams’ Bridge Club 34 Calendar 36/37 Cambridge Camera Club Carry Home the Bacon 40 Making my way at HEADWAY 41 Wilbraham River Protection Society 43 Watercolour Discovery Workshop 44 Wilbrahams’ Cricket Club 2017 45 Six Mile Bottom Sports and Social Club 46 Strange life forms spotted on Temple End 49 RENEW 51 End of Year Update from Lucy Frazer MP 52 A Day in the Life of a Newly Qualified Social Worker 57 Summer Volunteers for the Churchyard Crew 59 Bottisham & Burwell Photographic Club 59 The Adventures of Frizby and Blowpipe 61 Your Remedy for Post-Christmas Blues – Cinderella 63 The Wilbrahams’ Gardening Club 65 Village Characters 65 Crossword 67 Advertisers 68 Community Group Contact Details 69 Bus Timetable, 17& 18 70

Issue Autumn 2017

Contents Public Service Contact Details 4 Editorial 5 Letters 6 Bee Orchids Cover Photo 8 Award Winning Warbler 9 The Wilbrahams’ Community Choir 11 Celebrating Warbling 13 Untold Stories 14 Great Wilbraham Parish Council 18 Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council 21 Great Wilbraham Primary School 23 Barn Dance 25 Gardens Raise Funds for Charities 27 The Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall 28 Spinning Wheel Theatre at St Nicholas 30 Walking for Fun and Health 31 A View from the Garden 32 Calendar 34/35 Vegetable, Flowers and Produce Show 2017 37 CPRE 39 Country Music Evenings 41 The Five Pillars of Heath 43 Website 44 Bottisham Medical Practice Patients’ Group 45 A14 47 The St. Nicolas Great Wilbraham Trust 47 Over 60 Club 48 Cricket 49 Over the farm gate 51 Weenie Warblers 52 Wilbrahams’ Bridge Club 53 Bottisham and Burwell Camera Club 55 Carpenters Festivale 57 Musicfest returns to Fulbourn 59 Six Mile Bottom Sports and Social Club 60 Art and Scripture 61 Getting the best from your hard floor 61 Crossword 63 Advertisers 64 Community Group Contact Details 65 Bus Timetable, 17 66

Issue Summer 2017

Continuing Story, Great Wilbraham Parish Council, Little Wilbraham & Six Mile Bottom Parish Council, Great Wilbraham Primary School, PTFA, Over the farm gate, Social Club Coffee Morning, Wilbraham River Protection Society, Weenie Warblers, The Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall, Table Top & Book Sale, The Wilbrahams’ Hall Memorial Plaque, Vegetable, Flowers and Produce Show, Wilbrahams’ Gardening Club, Adolescent Mental Health, A View from the Garden, Website, The Wilbrahams’ Youth Group, The Wilbrahams’ Community Choir, Bottisham Medical Practice Patients’ Group, The Adventures of Frizby and Blowpipe, Arthur Rank Hospice’s Bistro, Cricket Team from the 20’s/30’s, Michael’s Meals, The Wilbrahams’ Hall Social Club, Cricket Season is here, Great Wilbraham Guild of Change Ringers, Interested in Swifts?, Cambridge Open Studios, Six Mile Bottom Sports and Social Club, CPRE and Local Food, The Wilbraham’s MHFA, Mobile Library, Community Group Contact Details, Bus Timetable

Issue Spring 2017

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Issue Winter 2016

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Issue Autumn 2016