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MHFA Suggested Reading List

All the following books have been recommended by a wide variety of people, of all ages and backgrounds, as having been helpful, inspirational or thought-provoking.

MHFA Reading Group

Mental Health First Aid Group (MHFA)
Contact list

1. Joy Bray
2. Tony Goryn
3. Toby Tippen
4. Robert Turner
5. Helen Clarke
6. Julia A’Court
7. Alison Hargreaves
8. Sally Ramus
9. Sarah Fordham
10. Rowena Pilsworth
11. Karen Hinkins
12. Dave Chapman

Mental Health First Aid Website

Essential Health – Osteopathy, Nutrition and Yoga

At Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall

Saturdays 9.30am Yoga (mixed abilities)



At Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall
The defibrillator is on the wall between the Memorial Hall and the Social Club. Anyone of any age can suffer a sudden collapse and a cardiac malfunction or arrest. Using the defibrillator can literally save a life. It is very easy to use and anyone can do it. You don’t need training as the machine tells you what to do. The code to unlock the box is given to you when you dial 999 for the ambulance: