Playground Swings given new life

‘Our 1970’s Wicksteed swings given a new lease of life’

Mick Powell and Chris Northfield of Frog End gamely spent the day recently sprucing up our old swing set in preparation for the new play equipment installation this summer.

We are pleased to be able to retain this old favourite (with the addition of pigeon spikes to keep the seats free of poop). It has stood the test of time and is looking fab now in ‘hot cherry’!

All of the rest of the equipment will be new and in metal, with a similarly long design life.

Contractors for the first phase of equipment are due to start on the 15th July and should be complete in 2 weeks so the park will be ready for the summer holidays.

We are just finalising the last grant, so we hope to get them back at the end of the holidays to finish off with the final pieces for older kids.

Let’s hope the weather’s fine and the kids will have a great summer outdoors!

Emma Adams