New District Councillor in Little Wilbraham

Claire Daunton of Little Wilbraham was elected as our newest Councillor.  Results are below plus a recorded interview.

The Liberal Democrats have seized control of South Cambridgeshire District Council in a shock election results.  The party’s victory brings to an end more than a decade of Tory control of the area. A total of 45 wards were up for grabs, reduced from 56 after a redrawing of the council’s boundaries.

The Liberal Democrats more than doubled their number of seats to 30, outstripping the Conservatives who won just 11.  Labour won two seats, while two more went to independent candidates.

The Wilbrahams and Six Mile Bottom are in the Fen Ditton & Fulbourn ward of South East Cambridgeshire part of South Cambridgeshire District Council. The results were:

Liberal Democrat John George Williams 1593 Elected 

Liberal Democrat Claire Hilda Gabriel Daunton 1285 Elected 

Conservative Graham David Cone 1227 Elected 

Conservative Rob Turner 1169 

Liberal Democrat Mark Andrew Lunn 1008 

Conservative George Charles Stoakley 810 

Labour Tim Andrews 785 

Labour Frances Aisha Roberts Amrani 687 

Labour Cathie Rae 613 

Green Oliver Edward Fisher 329 

Green Steve Alex Bradshaw 245 

The latest addition to our local representation, Claire Daunton of Little Wilbraham, talked to Martin Gienke about the result.  She paid tribute to the work that Robert Turner has done for the Wilnrahams community and to follow him in working for our whole Wilbrahams community. The full interview may be heard here.