Just one cornetto…. Film Club success!

The first film evening offered by The Wilbrahams’ Film Club was on Saturday night,  and was received with universal acclaim! There was an excellent turnout, and the evening started off sociably with wine, elder flower cordial and even ice creams available.



People mixed and talked, and then settled to watch the film ‘What we did on our holiday’, with Billy Connolly and David Tennant.  The film was very funny and was a great choice for all ages. 

Thanks to Paul Lambton, in particular, for getting this club up and running, (and Sue; ever present behind the scenes!). I am sure the regular monthly showings will be a great addition to the village calendar.

Please do send in any suggestions for films you may have  or about the film evenings in general to Paul


Remember you can join the film club through this website- go to Local Information,-Clubs and Societies- Wilbrahams’ Film Club and click on the Membership Link

Some more photos of the evening from Chris Fell. http://www.chrisfellphotos.com/181020FilmClub

Thank you, as always, to him for documenting our village goings-on.