Wilbrahams’ River Protection Society

AGM 2017
The Wilbraham River Protection Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting at The Carpenter’s Arms on Thursday 9th November. Meeting opens at 7:30. Please come along if you would like to know more about the river and the work the Society does. The source of The Wilbraham River is in the village at The Temple from whence it flows through private land to Willbraham Common, Quy, Anglesey Abbey and beyond. The river provides vital wildlife habitats”


Jacqueline Beadsmoore
31 Temple End
Great Wilbraham

Survey of the Wilbraham River

A section of the Wilbraham river from its source at Temple Springs downstream to where it crosses the A1303 was surveyed using the National Rivers Authority (NRA) standard River Corridor Survey methods. This survey was carried out by staff and volunteers from the Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust, for the Wilbraham River Protection Society (WRPS). Click on the link below to access the survey:

Wilbraham River Corridor Survey