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Communications by Sue Lambton


January and February 2019

Dear All,

First of all a Happy New Year to everyone and let’s hope we manage to take some great photos in 2019.
 We haven’t had a meeting for quite some time but the Memorial Hall has been booked for Tuesday 19th February (7.30 start) for our first meeting of the year. Chris has suggested we might like to experience some “studio photography” so it will be a case of cameras at the ready on the evening. Chris has offered to bring along studio lights, backdrops and radio triggers, so just bring your camera. All we need is a model (or two). If you know of anyone who would like to help us out please let Chris have the details. This is not a model that has to be tall, dark and handsome or possess beautiful features (although of course they can have those attributes) but someone who is happy to give up their time to sit for an for an hour or so. I would hope that a volunteer will get some nice photos for their trouble.  If you don’t have any ideas, Chris will advertise on the Community Facebook page

On another note, there is a Pie and Ale evening at the Memorial Hall on Friday 25th January and Martin Gienke has asked whether there would be any volunteers to take photos of the event for the Warbler. Chris is going to be there and will have his camera, but if anyone else from the group fancied submitting some photos to Martin you would be more than welcome. Here are some details from Martin to help you if you would like to help “Photos might include setting up, pies, serving the food, eating the food, serving the ale by Mark Watch, talk by Mark, raffle, Ian’s DIF Haggis etc.  Remember that photos appear quite small in the Warbler so close-ups and groups of one or two subjects are better”. 
Hope as many of you as possible can join us on 19th Feb for what will be something quite different for many us and a really enjoyable evening when we should also learn quite a lot and hone our photography skills.
Sue Lambton

2018 Archive 

Meeting Sept 25th 2018. Report from Sue Lambton

Dear All,

It was great to see so many people come along to the meeting on 25th September and listen to Ian Wilson, a member of the Cambridge Camera Club and also the Royal Institute of Photography, give us sound reasons as to why our images, which had been entered into the photography section of the Wilbrahams Produce Show, did or didn’t make the grade!

Ian did sweeten us, quite literally, with a very large selection box of chocolates, before giving his verdict and advice. We all listened with trepidation but by the end of the evening wished we’d had Ian come along before our entries had been submitted.

What he said made complete sense. First of all make sure that your photographs actually apply to the appropriate category. Those of us that took ‘over the gate’ pictures realised why our wonderful photos had been non starters in the category ‘THROUGH the gate’.

Keep it simple, get down to eye level for some shots, move around the subject to get the view and background you really want and crop photos to remove clutter and get that fabulous image.

Many of the photos entered were taken on iphones and the question was asked ‘How do we adjust photos that have been taken this way?”. Ian suggested using SNAPSEED and quite a few members were off to try this out.

It was a constructive and really worthwhile evening. We could all see where we could have improved our images and will take Ian’s comments onboard.

There were quite a few people attending the meeting for the first time and hopefully will be encouraged to come along again, you don’t have to be an expert, just have an interest.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 30thOctober, 7.30 in the Memorial Hall when the subject will be AUTUMN. So, I’m going to try and put what I heard into practice and hopefully you will as well. Please get any photos to Chris Fell on chris.fell@me.com(this is a new address for Chris) a few days before the meeting so that he can coordinate things.

Hope to see you all at the next meeting.

Sue Lambton

Photography Group
May 2018

Dear All,

The fine weather for the May 15th meeting meant that we were able to walk from the Memorial Hall to Little Wilbraham where Robert Turner had very kindly agreed to let us take photographs of his garden at Reed Cottage. There is always something of interest in Robert’s garden and that night was no exception. Many thanks go to Robert for allowing us to invade his garden.

To make the most of the lovely weather and long evening we were then treated to an invitation to Tony Ryan’s house to partake of liquid refreshments! Thank you Tony for your hospitality.

The next meeting will be back at the usual time of 7.30 on Tuesday 26th June. Please submit any photos you took for viewing on the evening to Chris Fell at chris.fell@magikcircle.com

In addition, this could be an opportunity to submit any for discussion/advice that you are considering entering into the photography section of the Produce Show.

Hope to see you at the next meeting.


APRIL 2018

Dear All,

At the last meeting the Easter photographs people had put forward for viewing belied the fact that the weather over Easter had been damp and dismal. There were atmospheric, scenic views from a holiday in the Lake District (apparently taken on the one dry day!), a characterful ewe and lamb in monochrome, eggs painted to match an accompanying egg sandwich, St Nicolas Church in full spring glory and an engaging shot of a tree fern taken by a lucky member who was visiting New Zealand. Many thanks to all who presented their photos for us to see.

There was also a short talk and visual presentation on “depth of field’ and how to blur a background whilst keeping the object being photographed in focus. Practice is now required.

The next meeting will be on TUESDAY 15th MAY when we are hoping the weather will be kind and it will be a practical session out and about. We shall meet at 7pm, instead of the normal 7.30, in the Memorial Hall car park. The aim is to get some inspiration for entering photos into the photography section of the Vegetable, Flower and Produce Show on Saturday 14th July. Just in case you have forgotten the categories are A PORTRAIT, THROUGH THE GATE, INSIDE, RED and WATER. Everyone is encouraged to interpret the subjects in their own way.

To help you select your entries, the JUNE meeting on TUESDAY 26th, at our normal 7.30 in the Memorial Hall, will be to review any images you might want to submit and give advice if necessary.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting and do keep the categories for the show in your mind when you are out and about.

Just a note to say that the Cambridge Camera Club is holding its Annual Exhibition at The University of Cambridge Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, CB1 1RP  Monday 30th April to Saturday 5th May (Monday 1-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm) if anyone would like to go along and get further inspiration.

Best wishes

Sue Lambton

February 2018 letter and report

Dear All,

Our outdoor meeting on a cold but beautiful day on 25th Feb proved both stimulating and really enjoyable. 9 adults, 2 children (both with their own cameras and the really keen eyes of youth) and 1 dog, spent an hour or so taking photos in and around the church and also around the village (not that the dog took any pictures but he had quite a few taken of him). Even though we were in the same location, each person had their own individual perspective on photographic images and this was extremely well highlighted at the following meeting on the 27th. Thanks go to all who submitted photos, many for the first time, me included, and it is hoped that the first timers won’t be as nervous about submitting photos in the future.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 10th April at 7.30 in the Memorial Hall.

It was suggested that everyone tries to submit, via email, 2 photos to Chris Fell on the subject EASTER (preferably in jpeg resized to 1400 x 1050 pixels. If like me you don’t really know what this means, you can get your photos to Chris on a memory stick, preferably the weekend before the meeting).

For those of us that always use their camera on AUTO mode, there is going to be a beginners session at the next meeting on an introduction to depth of field and other aspects related to switching off auto, so please remember to bring your camera.

As per usual I’ll send out a reminder about the next meeting a week or so before the event.
Happy snapping.

Jan 16th 2018
Dear All,

It was great to see a few new faces at the January meeting and to view and discuss ‘NIGHT’ photos that members had taken.

The next meeting is:
Tuesday 27th February at 7.30 in The Memorial Hall, so please put that date in your diary.
Another date to note is:
Sunday 25th February 2pm – venue Great Wilbraham Church
when everyone that is available meets up to take some photos in and around the church as well as the possibility of other sites around the village. This will be an ideal time to practise your skills and learn from other members. Having a display of village photos at some point would also showcase both the village(s) and our work. Any type of camera, phone or ipad welcome. Don’t feel left out anyone from Little Wilbraham since your turn will come!

If you can’t make 25th Feb do get out and about the villages and take some photos. Any you want showing at the meeting to be sent to Chris Fell (chris.fell@magikcircle.com)

I’ll send out a reminder about both dates a week or so beforehand but hope to see as many people as possible next month.

December 2nd 2017
Dear All,

For some reason Ian Cumming’s photos never made it to be viewed at the
last meeting so I am sending a link for you to have a look at his
bonfire/firework photos. Even if you couldn’t make the last meeting
you can now have a look at a professional’s take on the subject and
get inspiration for next year!


Many thanks to Ian for these shots.


Sue Lambton

Dear All, I have offered to organise the hall bookings for the Photographic Group and remind everyone about future meetings (will drop everyone another email about a week before the next meeting as well).

OUR FIRST 2018 MEETING IS TUESDAY 16TH JANUARY AT 7.30pm. All dates for the Photographic Group , and for any other events come to that, can be found via the Wilbrahams web site http://www.wilbrahams.co.uk/ where Trish Davis puts on any dates, information and pictures available to her.

If you wish to submit any photos to Chris for discussion at this meeting the topic is ‘NIGHT’ and I’m sure Chris would appreciate your getting any photos to him at least the weekend prior to the meeting.

For those of you that weren’t at the last meeting there were some great photos taken by members including those of fireworks, family members, strangers and dogs, to name just a few. Everyone is very supportive of anyone submitting photos so please do let anyone else that might be interested know this and also that there is even no need to submit photos until you feel able to do so, or that they can just come along and look at some lovely shots. Help is also always available with one member at the last meeting asking how NOT to get long shadows of people when she takes photos in the village hall – suggestions were made and we look forward to hearing whether the advice had an impact on her subsequent photos. We were also able to see some of the photos that won the National Print Championships taken by Cambridge Camera Club members – something to aspire to!

Some people in the club have fancy cameras, others may use their mobile phones, some have vast experience and can help those of us new to taking photos, some are purists with their pictures and others love manipulating them; as you can see, anyone is welcome

Hope you are able to attend the next meeting as well as spreading the word.
Many thanks,
Sue Lambton