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Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall Renovation project

memorial hall rendering exteriorThe NEW Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall is due to be opened on March 28th 2016. It looks beautiful!

Cycle path

Lorna Carr, on behalf of the community, continues to keep the proposal of a cycle path from Great Wilbraham to Fulbourn alive. The latest reply to her most recent letter was positive overall, and indicated that there is a new source of government funding for cycling coming on stream .They say they’ are hopeful that some of our unfunded schemes (such as yours) will be successful”.

Parish Cemetery

cemeteryThe work on the orchard part of the cemetery started in October 2014 and a mixture of fruit trees was planted by Nigel Start, who in the eyes of the Parish Council has done a superb job. The trees are apple and pear and the approach drive to the cemetery is lined with cherry trees. Bulbs will be planted under the trees. A water capture unit has been installed as the trees will need watering while young. Peter and Jo Ladbrooke lent much needed energy to the project, clearing the ditch along side the Parish Cemetery, thereby reducing any risk of flooding. The Parish Council is very grateful for that. This ditch clearance will have to be maintained over the coming years (see update report below)

A funding request for two more benches for the parish cemetery was granted from SCDC Community chest funding and they are in place. The programme of maintenance continues. A pedestrian access has been created alongside the five barred entrance gate. The next task will be to complete a cemetery plan which firstly requires the boundaries to be clearly defined. This is in progress.

Update Burial ground drain

2016 Inspection of Parish Land and Assets

Inspected by Joy Bray and Sarah Fordham
Assets inspected: 09/05/2016 Land inspected: 09/05/2016

Parish_council_report 2016

Broadband Great Wilbraham

Fibre Optic Broadband has been successfully brought to the village of Great Wilbraham. HURRAY! individual problems with installation, however, are still being reported.

The Restoration of the George v Phone box

The phone box was identified as requiring urgent maintenance in the Parish Council 2015 Village Asset Review- the rust and grime of years had caused considerable damage. The restoration work, carried out by Steve Thorpe, has now been done to a high standard, with the crowns of the traditional George V phone box repainted in gold, and the box itself done in official Post Office red! The next stage will be to turn the box into a book exchange for the village

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