Coronavirus poem

Wilbraham Village Choir members have taken to writing poetry in between exercising their voices. Some are limericks and little ditties but recently we had one from Karen Redman in Little Wilbraham which was wonderful.  Choir members reacted to it – fabulous, tugged at the heart strings, lovely verse and great sentiments, fantastic, great stuff, brilliant.  I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Martin Gienke

Corona, corona what is your vile plan?

You are changing our lives as fast as you can…

causing chaos and fear in both woman and man,

d’you think you can sink us with ‘fun’ and ‘mix’ ban?

There’s those who react in a selfish way

clearing shop shelves in less than a day,

hoarding, protecting, ‘insurance’ they say…

for them… sod all others…they can go pray…

Then there’s those who are striving to meet any need

of fellow humans, all colours and creeds

masters of empathy, a different breed

community spirit… a Godsend indeed!!

And the frontline staff, themselves at risk

who strive to provide, with heroic twist…

schools staying open, staff keeping brisk

no stone unturned, opportunity missed…

Is this, I wonder, the calm ‘fore the storm?

will we emerge at some stage… tired and  worn?

battered and bruised, but still human in form?

let’s all hope so… indeed, maybe reborn?

To a different world, of joys rediscovered,

friendships rekindled, fellowships uncovered,

touching allowed and not deemed to be ‘other’…

hugs and kisses a’plenty, let’s all plan to be smothered!! 

Keep your eyes on this goal and stay safe my pals…

bide time, write poetry, sing loud as you can…

laugh heartily, love dearly, keep washing your hands!! 🙄

and see you on the other side… that’s MY plan!! 😉🙏 xx

Karen Redman