Coronavirus – help in the Wilbrahams

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Help is available in Great Wilbraham, Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom

The government is advising people to stay at home whenever they can to limit the spread of coronavirus, which is highly contagious and can be serious. Please avoid physical contact (2m distance). Wash your hands regularly.


Please have a look at the list below to see who your local point of contact is. If you are in need of help, please phone or text them. They will contact a group of volunteers and someone will be along to help you as soon as possible. Alternative email:


The kind of help the volunteers can offer:


  • Urgent supplies
  • Picking up shopping
  • Posting mail
  • Dog walking
  • A friendly phone call
  • Prescription pick up




Area Contact Phone number
High Street & Mill Road Rowena Pilsworth 07981 976 905

01223 971 966

High Street, Temple End &

Butt Lane

Helen Clarke 07815 105 092
Bensteads End & Temple End Julia A’Court 07789 512 428
Ratfords Yard, Butt Lane, Angle End Sarah Fordham 07833 162 068

01223 880 698

Angle End, The Lanes &             Chapel Meadows Joy Bray 07707 816 467

01223 880 415

Toft Lane & Toft Way Alison Hargreaves 07941 871 536

01223 880 491

Station Road & Frog End Aga Hextall 07886 946 022
Church Street Ian Cumming 01223 881 787

07773 332 776

The Squire’s Field Natalie Bye 07961 082 003
Church Close Shantelle Willmott 07789 505 370


Village Area Contact Phone number
LW Rectory Farm Road

and Church Road

Andrew Carter 01223 812 065

07749 046 499

LW Primrose Farm Road Claire Daunton 01223 811 207

07905 473 395

LW High Street Holly Tilbrook 01223 813669

07773 348 360

LW High Street Kathy Stringer 07904 943 286
LW Alms Houses Verity Gow 07903 666 492
LW Manor Close Laura O’Leary 07795 972 719
LW Orchard Close Vicky Roff 07919 873 574
SMB London Road David Gill 01638 572 037


Other help

The Wilbraham Community Group UK


You can join this Facebook group for our villages.  Type in the link below to view the group:


County Facebook group


You can join this Cambs-wide mutual aid Facebook group to offer help and request help. Type in the link below:


How to Volunteer to Help

If you are willing to volunteer and are not in an at-risk group, please:

EITHER:    Fill out the following online form at:


OR:   Contact the Great Wilbraham coordinator: Hilary Burton

Phone 07710 787 917 or Email


OR:   Contact the Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom coordinator: Andrew Carter

Phone 01223 812065, Mobile 07749 046 499 or Email



Village Shops – Essential Provisions

For as long as it remains open, Great Wilbraham Shop can put together shopping from lists which are dropped off – but this needs to be collected, paid for and delivered. Volunteers can help with collection (see other side). Payments can be taken over the phone. 01223 880375


Six Mile Bottom SPAR will stay open and are working to keep stocks high.  01638 570000


The Hole in the Wall – takeaway / delivery

For as long as it remains open The Hole in the Wall pub are doing takeaway and delivery services.

Please phone them on 01223 848616 / 07951 251758 to place your order.


Johnson Bede and Lane Charitable Trust

The Johnson Bede and Lane Charitable Trust (JBL) provides financial support for the residents of Little Wilbraham and Six Mile Bottom who are experiencing hardship.  In the current crisis the Trust would like to reach those experiencing sudden reductions or loss of income.  Typical grants are around £100.


If the JBL can help, please contact one of the trustees below.  All enquiries will be dealt with confidentially.

Trustee Phone E.mail
Guy Mulley 07761 656454
Karen Miles 07828 601994
Duncan Wells 01223 812389


At-risk groups

These groups of people are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus, so take special care to keep them safe: elderly people and those with any chronic health conditions.


PLEASE look out for your NEIGHBOURS during this difficult time.



Useful links

Useful numbers

Non-emergency number: 111

Bottisham Medical Practice:
01223 810030

Age UK: 0800 678 1602