We need your views! Church wall survey

Residents’ views are vital for justifying the grant to ensure the safety of the Church wall

St Nicholas’ Parochial Church Council has been successful in obtaining a £5000 grant from Wadlow Farm Community Trust for on-going repairs to the Church wall fronting Church Street in Great Wilbraham. However, the grant requires evidence of residents’ support.

The Church yard is about 1 metre higher than Church Street and once the ivy was removed it became apparent deterioration over the years had made the wall unstable. Over the Centuries the wall has undergone botched repairs with inappropriate materials, but it is still valued historically and although the cost of replacing it completely with a new flint wall would costs tens of thousands of pounds, the PCC believes that the £5000 grant will enable them to fund acceptable maintenance and repairs over the next five years. A major cause of the damage is thought to be the high number of HGVs cutting through the village via Church Street. Some of you may remember the sewer collapse lower down Church Street where HGV’s were thought have caused the problem.

Work is currently underway, as many residents may have noticed, and the PCC needs to record public opinion on work in progress and its value to the community. This is a requirement of the grant and will have to be carried out annually.

The PCC would be extremely grateful if as many people as possible could let them know their views on the situation. For instance, whether the repairs so far have been effective, and whether or not you value the planned five-year project. Please send comments to johnbeadsmoore@btinternet.com or telephone 880 889. Alternatively write to John at 31 Temple End, Great Wilbraham, CB21 5JF.

Thank you.