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The Telephone Box book exchange is open. It is an exchange, not a library. A book can be taken out in exchange for one put in. If you bring a book to the book exchange, please make sure it is a good read, and is in reasonable condition. We have a good children’s section now, but need some adolescent/ young adult books. Books can be left outside the garage at 13, Toft Lane in the plastic boxes, but it the boxes are full, please do not leave your books outside.Thank you for revision books recently received. Please check, however, that the exam they refer to is still current.

Little Wilbraham


Little Wilbraham is a village approximately 1 mile west of Great Wilbraham.  The village name is derived from the name of a Saxon princess, Wilbur.   Both the villages of Little Wilbraham and Great Wilbraham were linked with the Knights Templars, growing food for the hospice at Denny Abbey.

Six Mile Bottom


Six Mile Bottom existed in name before it developed as a settlement, deriving this name from its distance from the Newmarket Racecourse, and the fact that it lies in a valley bottom.   There has always been a connection with hunting and shooting in the area for many hundreds of years, including royal patronage.

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